Input in repeating group

Hi, in first RG the user can pick the photos he likes.

At second I’d like to let him to write what at these photos he likes exactly.

I’ve used custom state to send the pictures from first group to second. Now, I don’t know what should I do to add the multiline input’s value to them and save photos+comments

Thanks for your time.

If you want to save the input + photo combination to the database, it would be best if the datasource of the repeating group were a list of things custom state, instead of a custom state list of images.

When the image is clicked, ‘Create a thing’ and add the picture to the field. Set the custom state to itself:plus item:result of last step.
To change the comment, use the event ‘When an input is changed’ . Use the workflow block Make change to Parent thing, to set the text field to This input’s value.

You need to change the custom state type from a list of images to a list of Answers -Style.

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It works right now :slight_smile:

The ‘Thing to change’ should just be Current Cell’s Answer. Thats the database entry you are changing.
You’ll then have to select the field you want to change, and set it to MultilineInput’s value.

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