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Input is showing 0, but the number being used for calculation is 1?

I have an app which involves scheduling meetings across timezones. Everything works as it should, with one exception. I have an input which adds up all the offset hours I need to include when I calculate and display the what should be shown in the timepickers. I’m having a strange error when the value displaying in the input is not the ‘value’ of the input. This is a snapshot of the input. I’ve also checked this figure by displaying to myself all the variables which go into calculating this final result and the answer is 0 (as correctly shown by the input).

However when i run the workflows, somehow the value of 1 is being taken as the value of this input!

I have tested with a whole bunch of timezones. the value displayed in the input is always correct (I’ve tested timezones from UTC-6 to UTC+10), however the value that is always taken from the input in the workflow is always 1.

Anyone experienced this before?

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