Input Location not working in live version

I have a content entry page that is not accepting the location input in my live version.

It works well in the Developer mode, however in the Live version no input is accepted.

Hi there, @edwardjrwilliams… I’m not sure what you mean by no input is accepted, but any time someone describes something working in development but not in live, it is usually related to the fact that the development and live databases are separate, and deploying your app to live does not copy data from development to live. Do you think that could be the case with your issue?


Thanks @mikeloc

By not accepted I mean that the input is asking for a location, however nothing I enter in testing the beta live version will go into the database as a stored address. (Or accept a valid entry as I have this input field required not empty).

I don’t believe I need any of the data that was built in the dev version to be live for this to operate as intended, though I may misunderstand…please elaborate if this is the case

Well, if it works in development, it should work in live. Share some screenshots with details of the data types, the input element, workflows, etc.

Let me know if something else relevant isn’t displayed here…I’m wondering if it may have to do with activating my Google cloud to allow APIs in the Live version? Not sure if this would make sense that they would plugin to the dev and not the live…

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