Input on Focus percentage data type

When the input has a content format of percentage and the input is focused, it would be great if the initial value was not set to zero making it so that a user must select the value of 0%, then delete it, before they are able to enter their own value.

What would be great is if on focus of the input the value is empty (ie: not 0) and the input is actually focused and the % symbol came after a blinking line indicating it is focused. This way a user would know automatically that they are entering a percentage value, could as soon as they click (ie: focus the input) start to type their own value.

I am not sure if the current behavior is expected or a bug, but assume the best place to post this is as an idea, maybe an idea of how to fix a bug if it is one.

This is the current behavior

percentage input

Yes! I’m encountering this as well. Have you come up with any workarounds?

I have not. I believe it is a bug. If you are experiencing it as well, I would suggest filling out a bug report. I can’t remember if I did or not.

I’d fill out a bug report myself, but I’ve got way too many outstanding bug reports as it is, I don’t want to add to the list.