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Input uppercase issue

How can I make an input show uppercase only?

I want to issue coupon codes that can be entered at the time of checkout.
I don’t want to use a search field just a regular input field, however the input field is case sensitive.

Can I set an input field to show uppercase only?
It’s a mobile app and the iPhone makes the first character uppercase the rest lowercase which makes things really complicated, any ideas?

You could convert it to uppercase fairly easily using :uppercase.

Converting the input to upper case could also be possible, but depends on what you are trying to do. Inputting as upper case, and then outputting to the code as upper case would seems simplest ?

I can save the input as :uppercase but I want every character of the input to show up as uppercase while the user is typing it in even if they are typing lowercase, it would just show up nicer.

@NigelG Please, how do you display any text coming from the DB in uppercase? Projects cell, Job name but there is no way to add :uppercase at the end…

If the field is text element, then you click after the field name and you should see :uppercase.

Are you not seeing that ?

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No, I don’t see it. I am using a Text element. However if I use an Input element, in the Initial Content, then I can add the :uppercase directive.

Are you using a simple text element. See screenshot.


On that screen, click on “Job Name”, then “more.”

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Wow! That’s subtle. That’s Important to know. And it’s not easy to see. But I understand the complexity of designing a UX when so many power features are involved.

Thanks for you quick response.

When you see “Search”, you are starting anew and not expanding on the previous dynamic data.

Edit: scratch that, it still shows up as in the screenshots above. You’ll eventually get into the habit of checking the last selectable item to expand the available items.