Input with GroupFocus Search not working

I have an input filter with a group focus that contains a repeating group (see image below), and I’m having errors with setting it up properly. Would appreciate any help here!

Ideal user experience is similar to filters with search functionality you can find on websites. User clicks on the filter, various options show up. If a user starts typing, the options automatically filter. When a user selects an option, that option appears in the input field, so the user sees their selection.

What’s happening:
I can surface the options (as a full list before the user inputs some text field). If the user starts typing to narrow the full list and clicks on an option, then the selected option doesn’t appear in the input field.

The other error I see is that if I click away from the input filter and try to reclick it, then the group focus appears, but quickly disappears.

I added a screenshot of my current config for the input filter, and 2 videos of the usability errors I’m trying to describe above in a Google Drive folder.


Examples of usability errors:

Was able to address my issue through this post: Show Group Focus on Input - #10 by duke.severn

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