Inputs behaviour - an input's value is changed

This post is related to the input elements such as dropdown, checkbox, radio buttons.
In a workflow, we are offered a few elements’ events to detect (listen to) from an input.
Since one of the event is called: An element is clicked and the other one is called An input’s value is changed, one would presume that they would do just that.

Say I use a checkbox:
If I click on the checkbox, the value of this event will change and I can detect it in a workflow no problem using an Elements event - An input’s value is changed.
However, if I have a condition on the checkbox that changes the value - example: if score is > 0 then set checkbox to Checked. That value change is not detected and therefore does not run the workflow - An input’s value is changed.

I was told by the engineering team that it is the intended behaviour.

It would be awesome if the workflow event - An input’s value is changed - reacts to any input changes, be it via a user click or a condition that changes that input’s value.