Inputs clearing while advancing repeating group

I have what i hope is a simple problem/fix. I have a repeating group set to show one record at a time. Each record contains a few form elements. if i fill out the form and advance to the next one when i come back all the form fields are cleared. Is this possible to have all fields maintain their data?

I’m trying to do this as a multi-step form.

Can you share some screenshots?

I do have Engine hours bound to the parent record, so that doesn’t change as the others do.

Details im creating a repeating group of the db records for engines associated with a boat. I’m adding some details to each then saving them as an inspection report comma-separated list in another db record.

When you click next or back, is the flow make change to thing before going to next item?

i only have an fwd and back btn for the repeat group, no actions. is there an action to save data to fields before i send to DB?

Thanks for your help!!!

You can save on enable autobinding

yes, but only problem is i have no record yet. the sum off all the steps provides date to create record. Should i create an empty record then populate as user advances?

You have your RG thing no? Why not save it with the Current cell item?

No the rg is from db and im taking the sum off all those records and creating another record.

I pull all the engines then ask a few questions. I take the answers to those questions then create a new entry with the answers and the associated tanks id saved as a comma separated list. Does this make sense?

You need to store the current cell data (high/low) in a field. This can be in another thing or current thing, it doesn’t matter. And you need to set the initial data to the current thing field or enable autobinding.
For example. RG is set to DB “Engine”
The first part display Current Engine Hours
You enable autobinding on another field to store the selection of Engine Oil Level and same gor Gear. When you will navigate to next and back, this will show the current engine oil level.

another option is: When user press next, you save the data in DB (or a state, this is possible too) and use initial value in dropdown ising the data created or saved to a state.

But you need to store data somewhere. Consider that when you navigate to next or previous element, this reset current cell value. So you need to use either autobinding or initial value.


Thanks, i will give that a shot. Really apreciate your time!

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