Inputs fields can't be filled

Hi, I don’t know why but my inputs fields can’t be filled. I can’t write in it. Please help-me

Thanks in advance


Just to make sure, have you checked that the “This input is disabled” checkbox is unchecked in the input element settings? If not, I’d be glad to further assist.


Tab1 of group div have “position: absolute;” , if you remove this from style, will work perfectly.

It looks like you have a giant empty text element layered on top of all of those inputs in your client_form page. Just remove it.

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Hi @manikandan How do you open this “code screen”? The problem has been solved :slight_smile: thanks for your help.

But I’m curious and would like to know how do you open this window full of code?

Kind regards.

Hi @romanmg You’re right. It works. Thank you very much.

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