Inputs not displaying in preview mode

only 1 of 4 text inputs are showing when I go to preview the app. What am I doing wrong that all of the inputs aren’t showing?

We’re going to need more information to help. Do the inputs have conditions on them? Is there anything covering them up? Are they being hidden by workflows?

Sharing a few screenshots or, even better, a link to the editor (set to Everyone can View) is the fastest way to provide clarity.

I have that box checked. I just deleted the one text input it showed so only the image background should be showing but when I go to preview it again the preview still shows the input as if I never made any changes. Is it possible that the preview isn’t refreshing properly? If so, how would I fix that?

That was it! I did not know I had to deploy any changes! Thank you!

lmaoo my bad bro im new on here

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