Insert Dynamic Data - append/include other data types?

See image below, where I am using ‘Insert Dynamic Data’ inside ‘Appearance’ of a ‘Text’ element and have successfully selected ‘… data’s label’.

What I’d like to know is there anyway to also pull in the other data types (see image below) at the same time e.g '… data’s label&latitude&longitude? Or is the only way to do this to use separate ‘Text’ elements to call in each separate data type?

Thank you

Hi there, @stephen14… you can do what you described, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. Click away from the search area and click somewhere in the field to the right of the More… option (but don’t click on that option). Then, you will be able to construct another expression such as Parent group's GEOCODE (Forward) data's latitude. You can also insert a space or a line break before you construct any subsequent expressions, so keep that in mind.


Absolutely brilliant! Thanks @mikeloc that’s extremely useful.

Out of interest, using this method of calling in more data types in the same Text field, do you know if this is less resource intensive than creating a separate Text field for each individual element? I’m just trying to work out what would be best practice here? :slight_smile:

It probably doesn’t matter either way, unless you are planning to add lots of text elements, and even then, the performance impact would probably be negligible.

Thanks @mikeloc. Much appreciated. You’ve made the weekend a lot brighter :wink:

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