Insert page from website


Can you insert only one page of a website in Bubble?, the website is created in Shopify.
What I want is to access this page without leaving the app created in

Thank you.

So this is basically what an iFrame is.

It can put a website in a website.
Use the html feature on bubble, and in that put an <iframe> to your shopify page.

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I have tried the planet solution and even installing the Iframe plugin and it shows me the following error in both cases…

“The page has refused the connection”

As a test I have used different Urls and the error is the same.

What’s going on?

Thank you.

I think in bubble there’s a checkbox in the settings to allow iframes, check to see if that’s selected


I have already checked what you tell me and the problem is not solved.

Thank you.


Yes, I already tried with said plugin; ewl problem is the same.
Apparently that error is common with Iframe.

Thank you

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