Insert video in bubble

Hello !

Need help to insert a video on our formulary. I explain:

When one personn wants to suscribe on our website , she has the possibility to insert a video presentation.

But what we have to insert in the video ID ?

Thanks for the help !

Hi Marine,

This is what I would do:

1.Create a field called video, type text, either underneath user or the other datatypes you are using.
2. Drag an input onto your site and a button submit video. If the button is clicked have the workflow action make changes to current user. Video= inputs value.
3. The input should be a youTube URL e.g. (hope you meant YouTube video with video presentations)
4. To view videos as the admin. Create a page for you and have a repeating group with type text and data source do a search for users’ videos. In the repeating group add a youtube video element. As the datasource of the video have current cell’s text.

Hope this helps. Let me know If you have further questions
Happy bubbling,