Inserting complex conditions

Hi all,
I am trying to build a complex condition into a repeating group in my app. Here is a high level:

Let’s say I am trying to pick a snack if it meets one of the foll. conditions:

  1. EITHER it is primarily protein and secondarily carbohydrate
  2. it is primarily Carb AND secondarily fiber
  3. OR it is primarily protein and secondarily FAT

I have all the values of protein, carb etc already assigned in my database against each of these foods.

When I do a search for in my repeating group set up to display all the foods that meet these conditions, so far I have been able to specify only one set of conditions, for example one of the 3 above.

Are there any other methods I am missing? Thank you!!

I think what you need to do is a merged searched as it is explained in this video.

Hope this help you and if you need more help let me know.

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Absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!! Will try now!

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