Inside Group Focus repeating group

Hello there,

I have a group focus created like a dropdown, there is a Repeating group inside group focus where it shows users name…
what I am trying to make it “when user created a proposal and sending to their customers I want only related to their customer’s name to be visible on that group focus repeating group.”

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 6.03.54 PM

so here type of content should be user or Agreement? where as agreement datatype contains buyer name, buyer contact etc and sellername, seller contact etc.

for eg: I want to see only my customer’s name there. but not other users customer name

It all depends on the structure of your database.
If I understand correctly, you need a Users table, a Customer table and an Agreement table.
The Users table would have a list of customers field to facilitate filtering.
This is possible if the customer does not have to connect to the App.

I have a Agreement data types which includes data field like buyer name, buyer, contact seller name, seller contact etc
so on that screenshot type of content should be Agreement? and data source should be search for agreement ?

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