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Inspect Button Missing from Debugger


The Inspect button is missing from the debugger in some page of my app:

It does appear in this other page:

What’s up with this?

It seems the first page is zoomed and the other one not

No it is not. What made you think that? If a zoom would be at work, Chrome would show a + or - zoom icon on the URL bar.

Update from Support at Bubble:

Investigating in your application this behavior is related to the ‘Simple progress bar’ plugin from ‘NoCodeLab

Since the plugin you are having issues with was created by a third-party developer, they are the best-equipped to resolve this behavior. Simply removing the plugin can also be a solution.

Waiting for updates from NoCodeLab.

I have noticed the Vanilla Rich Text Editor also makes the inspector button hide as well. Now I always check the preview with plug-ins disabled and that’s mostly the cause of the issue. I wonder if it’s something Bubble updated that broke a lot of plugins or something. Hmm :thinking:

It definitely didn’t do that before.

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Yeah, it seems that Bubble may have pushed an update where the plugin makers might need to update their plugins. Make sure to let the plugin creator know, I will let the other one know as well.


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We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused but are still struggling on figuring out what the bug is.

Thank you for your patience.


Just so you know too, you aren’t the only plugin that is having this issue right now. It seems like Bubble pushed an update that conflicts with a few other plugins as well. Maybe post your resolution on the Forum so the other plugin providers can figure it out too. I know the Vanilla RTE from the Up Starters (@AliFarahat) also has the same issue. Maybe whoever figures it our first can just post it to help each other out. :blush:


Thank you for your patience.

We fixed the error on the plugin. Its latest version is 1.5.2

We identified that Bootstrap CSS file had been loaded which caused the error. The inspect button was behind the CSS. We made a modification in the plugin to narrow down to the minimum required style of Bootstrap.

Please find the procedure as below:

Download the Bootstrap CSS we’d used, and remove the other styles while leaving the styles related to the progress bar. We are using Bootstrap ver.4.4.1.

Upload the CSS file that was modified in [Shared assets and resources] from on the [Shared tab] on the Bubble plugin editor, and replace the CSS referenced in the plugin to this file.

On a different note we’ve gotten another problem.
It seems that the rendering with Bootstrap is not available in the Bubble editor any longer. Thus for the operation verification of the progress bar, it would only be checked in the preview.


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