Instagram API - Different ruser_id from Bubble/Postman


So something very odd is happening.
I’m using the API connector to exchange code to token for the Instagram basic API.

When I do the process using Postman, all works fine, and I get a token and user_id.

However, when I use the Bubble API Connector, I get a token that works fine, but the user_id is always a +1 to the real user_id (which I get from Postman).
user_id from Bubble: 17841453321657472
user_id from Postman: 17841453321657471

When I try to keep using the user_id for other API calls, it works only when I manually change the value (-1).
These happened with multiple users, I always get an id of a +1 of the real one.

Any clue why would Bubble get a different value?