INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK GRAPH API - Is there a Webhook available to watch for ‘new posts’ on Instagram?

Currently in the developing stages of a web app on Bubble that will allow users to connect their Instagram & Facebook via OAuth then enable a backend automation (with Pathfix third party app) that will send new IG posts to their Facebook.

Intended to be a cross-posting app.

Is there an IG Graph Webhook available for this? Or will I need to set up an API call from my app to watch for the new posts.

I also have an app created & verified with Meta already as a business app. I’m wondering if this was the right decision to create it as a business or should it be a consumer app.

When subscribing to a webhook, I was not able to locate anything to subscribe to ‘new posts’.

If the next option is to set up an API call to watch for new posts for every ‘x’ amount of minutes is there an endpoint and headers that is provided in the docs to set this up?

Any other avenues on how to successfully get this feature up would be greatly appreciated!

Also want to note, I’m a beginner at APIs so I’m going at this with very little prior knowledge. Mostly have been researching through developer docs & have not gotten any success. I have been meaning to launch this app for the past month, but have been getting stuck in the programming phase with the front end ready for the most part.