Instagram like feed based social media to recommend music

Hi all, I want to create a social media platform, with a feed just like Instagram, for sharing music and YouTube videos. A feed for recommendations.

Every time i like a song or video and want to recommend it to my friends, I have to share it with them via chat individually, there’s no social media platform to follow people based on the music they listen to and recommend.

They way it would work is, when a user shares a song from any music streaming app, or a YouTube video, it will be displayed on the feed like an Instagram post, and you will click on it and it will take you to listen to it or watch it.

This should probably be a native app.

People will be able to comment, like and repost.

Do you get the idea? I’m pretty sure this can be built on Bubble but wouldn’t know how to structure it.

you might be able to find a plugin that does most of what you need.
If you want to build from scratch, then here would be a rough starting point for database types:


content - how will you bring the content on to your platform? If you jsut cut and paste, you will want to analyse the url to establish if its youtube etc and then display it in a group with an iframe.

posts - this is to manage the content.

Likes - created on a content record when a user runs a like workflow

conversations - this is a list of messages between 2 users

messages - this is a message from one user to another.

Hi, thanks for your response!

I would love to use a plugin if there is one available. Any suggestions?

Content would be brought from the sharing option on the streaming service.

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