Installing Inspectlet in my Bubble App

Hey guys how are you?

I am finishing creating my first MVP and I want to install an embedded code of an application called Inspectlet, which is like Google Analytics, but what it does is record all user behavior while it is in my App.

It is a embedded code in Javascript, which should go in the HEAD of the app.

Does anyone know how I can install this code inside my page?

I appreciate any help you can give me.


This post has the answer you are looking for

In your case since your wanting to insert Javascript code make sure that you add your content within a “script” tag


Hi @andrewjohnson56782 Thanks for the article.

I am going to use it.


@andrewjohnson56782 Hi How are you?

I already did what the article you sent me, but it doesn’t work.

I am doing it from my google chrome browser and when opening the developer console on my index page the javascript does not appear inside the tag

Do you know what else could be happening?

Even Inspectlet suggests doing a test using this code in the URL of the page: ? Inspectlet_diagnostics = true

and it should open a debug console, but it doesn’t :thinking:

If you know something i´ll appreciate your help.