Installing link to Medium breaks my domain

As some other Bubble users also do, I’ve decided that I want to use Medium for post my blogs.
So I did the following.

  • I created a link on the homepage (actually the same how the blog function of works)
  • requested a custom domain from Medium
  • followed the steps for settting up the routing (DNS) to my Medium publication.

However, when I complete the steps as provided by Medium, my main domain app crashes… The setup is the same as has, which means that the URL of the blog is " and my main domain is "

In the setup proces, I add the CNAME to my domain, which works well.
But after that, I need to add 12 A-records… And that’s when things go bad… Which I don’t understand?

I know this question is also about Medium, but since fellow Bubblers have used to same approach to use Medium, I post my question here.

Anyone can help me?


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