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Instant Calculator Plugin Issue - Adding Conditions


I am just curious if anyone has ran into the issue I am having with the InstantCalculator plugin. I currently have a number of conditions (45+) to run different expressions based on the values of different variables in my data. We need to add additional conditions, but when we try to add them, (1) they do not appear in the edit pane after being entered, (2) the number of conditions on the conditions tab does not increase, (3) they do not appear at the bottom of the conditions tab (where new conditions are normally shown), and (4) the condition works for one preview when the page is actual previewed, but then doesn’t work after the page is refreshed. Additionally, when we try to remove the new conditions we create, older conditions (that we still need) are removed instead. Is there something we are missing or some setting we have inadvertently turned on/off? Does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of conditions that may be set?

Thanks in advance!