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Instant Speech Highlighter

Is there a plugin or something that can allow me to have text on an app, the person read it, and the words are highlighted instantly if they get it correct?

  • audio recorder that hooks the microphone on the device producing audio stream
  • encoder may be needed to encode audio stream to format suitable for speech recogn
  • speech recognition ( config’d to operate streaming mode ) for immediate results
  • produce final STT text version of recognized audio stream
  • comparator ( text vs text )

IMO - all the above components have been addressed in forum with the live, streaming recognition on captured audio ( from the microphone ) being the most involved technically.

This is a fairly high degree of complexity …
not sure whether JS code examples from google-speech help to appreciate complexity level but here is code

native html tag for bubble that will record raw pcm to file that could then be uploaded for encoding & STT recognition. This is not the recommended way of doing it. Rather an example of some eval on capabilities of bubble platform re : audio & process related to javascript getUserMedia examples.

On the client, once you have a file, this type of JS code will upload it to a separate host implementing the STT service ( speech-to-text)

function upload2(file) {
let url1 = ‘https://${domain}/awsaud’;
fetch(url1, {
method: ‘POST’,
headers: {“Origin”:“”,
“Content-Type”: “audio/pcm”,
“Origin, Content-Type”},
body: file // This is your file object
response => console.log(response)
).catch((err) => {

not recommended to go native approach. Rather, look for various plugins implementing these features. ( audio record, STT,

Thank you so much! I will try this today and see how it turns out. I appreciate it.

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