Instawall - a (very) Bubble creation

A week ago I hopped a flight to a buddy’s wedding. On the way, I thought it might be nice if we all had someplace for the 80 people at the wedding to be able to share photos with each other without having to post and tag them on a broader network.

So I built a private wall on Bubble that did exactly that in a few hours that night.

After seeing how much people loved using it, I decided to test productizing it in the few more hours I had over the weekend in between dinners, rehearsals, the wedding itself and flying back to London. When I hit a snag, Andrew from Airdev was awesome in helping me figure it out.

Yesterday, I published the site.


It’s a very Bubble creation that will obviously evolve over time with testing, but wouldn’t have been possible without this platform and the awesome community that supports it. You guys all rock. Thank you!



pretty nice job @brian, congrats!

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what are you using for videos?

Very nicely done! Congrats

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Ziggeo…mainly because that’s all I know! :slight_smile: Know of anything else that’s good?

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No, I was just wondering since you let it free for people to upload if you had found a way less expensive :slight_smile:

(bead of sweat drops down his brow)


Very cool. That’s a true pain point.

Managing circles and groups and then sharing with some trepidation the photos are posted correctly (ever accidentally share a photo, say, at a party you weren’t supposed to be at on your wall? ouch.) is another alternative pain point to posting and tagging.

I’m honestly too lazy(?) for all that nonsense. This distresses relatives (I’m looking at you, Aunt G) and that simply motivates me to start exploring your app later today.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts on monetizing the app?


Great question @skylershelton - no firm plans yet. Once we figure out if/how people want to use it, we’ll know a little more about how it can pay for itself.

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Hi Brian,

Would you be kind enough to advise me how you implement => /e/user

that directs to the relevant user page within your app?


Or anyone else please?

Very cool, I totally dig this. Good job @brian

that would be nice to know

Of course @moviecud and @cm1 - any time. I actually learned this from a Bubble Jedi a couple months ago, so I’m more than happy to pay back that kindness. It’s actually fairly simple to set up, so if something goes wrong it’s definitely my explanation of it that’s lacking, but I’ll walk you through it the best I can.

I’ve also created a quick demo app so you can pick around any elements that aren’t fully clear from my explanation below.

The test page lives here: Awesome Pets
The editor lives here: Awesome Pets Editor

Basic Setup: Two pages. One input. One Display.

Input page structure: Inputs create fields in an object with a button to save. One of those fields is a text field for URL extension. An repeating group displays links to test.

Input page functionality:

  1. Clicking “Save” creates an object with the the various fields.

  2. The repeating group searches for all Pets and displays the name and link. In this example the link is a simple dynamic text element that when clicked launches an external window of the hompageURL with extension for this specific Pet.

“e” page setup: New page with a Group overlaid. The group has a type of “Pet” and calls the right pet by doing a search for Pets where the URLExtension matches the path from the page URL - then call’s the “first item” from that list since there should be only one (we didn’t set up exclusivity on the URLExtension input for this test in the interest of time, but you would in a real-world app by (i) checking the chosen extension vs. existing, showing the error if there’s a match and disabling the button with a condition when the URL input already exists). There’s one step I sometimes forget here which is that when you tell page to get data from the page URL, you need to click “get data from page URL” after you select it to tell that command what to get (path vs. parameter). Select “path” for this structure.

Once that’s done, all of your dynamic elements will just call the Parent Group’s Pet and populate from there.

This has been a little train-of-thought, so if I’ve missed a step or something’s still unclear just let us know and I’ll edit the post later.

Good luck building and let me know if/how I can be helpful as you get up the curve!



Awesome thanks for sharing @brian . I’m planning to use the same functionality so it’s great that I ran across this posting!

Also did you ever make any more progress in deciding what to do with Instawall?


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Thanks for sharing Brian. Have a good weekend.

Congrats Brain. Great site nice deign…

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Very neat design and idea!

I am curious if there is an example of a wall available? Either a screen shot or an actual wall, to see how it looks without actually creating an account and uploading pics myself.

Also, what if people share the link via social?

Nice idea. Couple of things I noticed:

  1. You’ve got a typo in the beginning of last sentence on the main page – “Now we can all can collect…”.
  2. The main page talks about being able to setup privacy, but I did not notice any settings for that. Also, I was able to access other pages just by guessing the name of the page.

@brian … thought this might be relevant for you

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