Insurance Claim Form

I am new to bubble and wanted to better understand the offering the freelancers have for a form i am trying to create. The insurance claim form is pretty simple but I would like expertise around efficiency and if AI/ML can be implemented onto this form. Below is a snapshot of the process flow:

With Bubble, you can grab info from Facebook, Gmail, etc. as you’ve seen custom code apps do. No difference really - the one constraint for all apps, of course, is what information Facebook and Gmail will share with 3rd party apps.

And, I don’t know that any of the pet details are stored/available in FB or Gmail. Trying to use AI or ML to extract it from unstructured text seems like it’d be costly to set-up and would be prone to errors. Unless you already have a really large audience, I’d suggest keeping it simple to start. You can always add capabilities in the future (but can’t unpay for the ones you build today).

Got it, will keep it simple…

You certainly can use a “canned” Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) solution by sending text to a third party provider via an API (interface) call and getting a result back. You would have to see if any of them provide the results you need.

You can also parse a string of characters to your liking in Bubble.

I am curious, why were you thinking of using AI/ ML?

Feel free to contact me if you want to explore further.


Usage for AI/ML was to predict future claims that would arise from certain type of pet breeds and future claim cost.

Hi, I know this thread is old but I just released a new plugin that implements AI based on the Graph Theory to give you recommendations based on usage patterns in your app. It’s very easy to use also !

Take a look:

Nice Bubbling!

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