Integer VPN auth tunnels to

Hello everyone, i just wanna ask you about integrating a VPN tunnel on for API usage , i want to connect my app to some APIs that need a VPN to interact with the project , is there any Information about it? Or a helpful documentation?

I’m interested too. Posting here to follow.

There are some VPN libraries available for nodejs, but not sure if they are available in an environment of backend workflows. And they are bound to specific protocols, one would need to know which VPN protocol yourl are interested in.

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Thought of possibilities and as I understand it the only way is to bring some external proxy on AWS or Azure that will proxy HTTP request to target host through VPN tunnel. There is no way to setup VPN tunnels to directly pipe any request from bubble backend because I have no control over network interfaces of Bubble’s AWS Lambda environment…

I’m also interested in this. Have you been able to find a solution?