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Integrate Payline not possible?

Hello Bubblers ,

I was thinking to integrate the PSP Payline for my project , they have kits and modules for everything :

But even if i am a noob and use your services to create something , i did my search and i think i understand that’s not possible to integrate just because all their module are not made for bubble, and all their API’s should be unzip on my web server but we are in cloud !

Connect an API like maps or itunes can be easy with tutorial for a noob but a banking API start to be too much.

I contacted them , i am waiting anyway the website need to be very secure to be accepted !

If someone can enlight me on this point

Thanks a lot

So after answers of their team :
Payline is not interfaced for , contact our support line …

So use stripe 3% + 0.25 instead of 0.08/ transaction :blush: