Integrating booking system such as

Does your booking system allow repeating events? If so, Id be curious to know how you handled it.

One option is to use a workflow to create an event at set intervals (ex. Every 7 days for the next 10 years). Just create a list (on a custom state, for example) that contains all of the dates the event should be posted (ex. generate a list of every Saturday at 3pm for the next 10 years) and then feed that into an API workflow to create the events in your database as separate entries. Be sure to save a unique identifier onto each entry in the database so that you can easily identify the event as being part of the same reoccurring event if you intend to delete or modify it later.

Option 2 - There is also a reoccurring workflow you can utilize in bubble - I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems like you could have a database called “reoccurring events”, each with a runtime (ex. X number of days from current date/time). If you set a workflow to run every week and check this database for active reoccurring events, it seems like you might be able to achieve the same effect as option 1, without having to delete/modify multiple events that are scheduled in the future.

I was wondering how the pricing structure on worked for you.
Do you allow the teachers to be their own entity with their own schedules and they fall under your user plan? recently changed their pricing structure unfortunately, so I’m currently trying to build something that works in Bubble. Almost there I think.
The pricing used to be based on number of bookings (which was great for me), but is now based on number of users (teachers). Which makes it really expensive for me, as a startup that is focusing on getting a lot of users, and still doesn’t have a ton of conversions (bookings).

I have worked out getting timeslots to display in bubble based on a teachers availability (say, mondays betweend 13-17, tuesdays between 12-16), so the next part is getting it to only show timeslots that doesn’t overlap with unavailable dates/booked timeslots.

Oh… thanks. Have your revisited ? that seems to be fairly reasonable.

Last time I checked it, the API was quite limited.
From what I remember, you couldn’t create users etc directly from the API, some things has to be done from Simplybook’s dashboard. Or am I not remebering correctly?

I don’t know, you know more than I do. I just started looking at both and the pricing per user seems to be a limiting factor. It seems like you should have an option of just paying for each booking instead of each individual.
I think I remember reading something in the forums about a gantt charts and someone trying to get it sponsored and that would be a nice feature in a calendar scheduler/booking system. But I can’t find the post I was thinking of, after a quick search

Hi everyone,

@supernaturally, do you have a link that you can share to see your solution?

@pnodseth, could you share yours too?

I’ve got a question about how Bubble works. Is it possible to take such a creation or functionality like supernaturally’s, and turn it into some kind of shareable component or plugin that can be reused on any project? Like if there was something like an app store or library (Templates maybe?), where such elements could be shared or sold, for anyone to add to their own apps, and not have to build them manually every time.

Hey @davidvm,
Doesn’t the bubble template and plugin ‘stores’ offer this kind of service?
Though i agree the template store still has a long way to go.

Here’s a GIF of how I’ve integrated Timekit. You can make it visually however you want, so this is just one way of doing it :slight_smile:

If anyone wants I have fully functional code of

Would you mind release a plugin so everyone can benefit your work ?
Thanks for sharing !

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Hey Mark -

I am wondering is that for one user or all users on my app?

Do you do freelance work? I’m looking for a developer to implement

Hey @mark1. I am very interested in a booking API. May you show me How use Your code?

Hi All,

Everyone here seems very knowledge so I’m hoping I can jump in here -

I’m struggling to get my calendar to show the vertical resource view shown here. Is this not available on bubble or am I totally missing something?

Or do I need to pay for additional features through the Full Calendar website?

Feeling a bit dense on this…