Integrating Hotjar

Has anybody managed to get Hotjar to work these days? I tried both using the plugin as well as pasting the Hotjar code on my page header and yet it doesn’t show anything…

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I just set it up for a project of mine few hours ago. Pasted the script code in the header and added new heat maps for the pages I wanted to map by providing the url. Everything worked for me.

Thank you @shawnmi6… I did the same, but no idea why mine wont work. I can see the Hotjar script code when the page is loaded, but no calls to Hotjar at all on the network tab… seems like its not being triggered somehow… :frowning:

Did you setup your heat maps in Hotjar?

Thanks again. I hadn’t, but my goal was to simply use their Feedback widget… I enabled heatmap tracking , but so far still nothing.

My site is at :slight_smile: