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Integrating in an app

It would be nice to have a plugin or something so we could integrate the system within our app. It´s a really nice system to get in touch with our users.

What do you think?

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Agreed. We’re working on tying it in right now somehow.

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Did you get any solution for this @david ?

I´ve been playing a bit with it but I was not being able to get the logs of the logged in users.

Trying now. I’m seeing if it can be integrated via Segment since that is how we would ideally want it anyway.

Sorry @david I don´t know this Segment feature you´re talking. Why is it ideal?


@ryanck its

Basically the biggest value of intercom is that you can track all forms of interaction with users of your app. Most of this is non-verbal, meaning where they have clicked, what they have done, etc. You do that via javascript tags that get pushed to intercom. There are a lot of other pieces of software that use the same method to track individual users. With Segment, you only have to install the tags once and then you can push them to Intercom or whichever pieces of software that you use. So it saves you from duplicate data entry. And you can store your data in a data warehouse which is pretty cool.

Does that make sense?

Wow that´s nice.

But will you be able to contact to the logged in users as well? and send communications to show right when they login?

Thanks a lot.

I believe so. That is more simple from a code standpoint I believe. Still figuring it all out. We’re trying to integrate Blockspring with Google Sheets right now and are getting errors. Once we push this out, build out the flow for the other half of our community, and setup Stripe Connect, this will be our main focus. I’ll have to let you know more then.

Of course! What are you working on by the way? Would love to see your site.

I don´t have any site yet. I´m playing with all the elements and did try the code inserted in the meta tags but it´s pretty tricky to configure as I´m really a code free knowledge. :wink:

Hope you can get this working.

If you don´t mind it would be great to see how you accomplished to get it working.

Thanks a lot @david.

I’ll keep it in mind. Could probably get you a quick clip once we get it in too.

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That would be awesome.

Thanks a lot @david

Hello @david,

Did you achieve something here? I´ve just seen the new messenger intercom is providing and it looks nice.

Thanks a lot.