Integrating Token System with AI App and Creating User Portals for MicroSaaS on

  1. Token Creation and Integration: Is it possible to create and manage custom tokens within We’re interested in understanding if Bubble supports the generation of unique tokens that could be used for authentication or other purposes within our application. If so, could you guide us on how to implement this feature or point us towards any resources or plugins that would facilitate this process?
  2. User Portals: We aim to provide a tailored experience for our clients by offering them personalized portals. These portals would allow clients to access specific data and functionalities related to our services. Could anyone share insights or examples on how to set up such user-specific portals within a application?
  3. MicroSaaS Conversion: Lastly, we’re contemplating the idea of converting our application into a MicroSaaS. This would require integrating the aforementioned tokens and user portals effectively. Has anyone here ventured into transforming their projects into a MicroSaaS model? We would love to hear about your experiences, challenges faced, and any advice you might have.

We believe that these enhancements could significantly improve our service offering and provide a more engaging and efficient experience for our clients. Any advice, suggestions, or references to documentation and plugins would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support and guidance!

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  1. How to authenticate - Bubble Docs
  2. Doable via bubbling
  3. Doable via bubbling

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