Integrating traditional code + bubble => is this possible?

I’m planning to learn traditional code (html/javascript/c++/etc…).

If I integrate traditional coding with bubble, will that be much powerful?


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HTML/CSS would be a must have to understand basic design principles.

Throw away C++ and go for JavaScript.


Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.

+1 for css/html/javascript. Javascript will parallel all the features and tools you’ll find in Bubble, which is primarily developed in Typescript I believe. After learning vanilla Javascript, you might learn node.js , which is also the backend of Bubble.

About four years ago, I learned JS/node alongside Bubble in a couple of months. Highly recommend doing both traditional code and bubble in tandem. You’ll be unstoppable afterward.

Thank you for sharing your experience!!! I’m so excited, thank you :slight_smile: