Integrating Twitter Data with Metamask Profiles in without Creating New Users

I’m using to create a web application. I’ve implemented a login system using Metamask, but I also want users to connect with Twitter to retrieve their Twitter username, profile picture, and description. The issue is that provides a plugin for this, but it works with a login and automatically creates a new user in the database. What I want to do is retrieve the Twitter data without creating a new user but rather associate the Twitter data with the Metamask profile. Is this possible?

The plugin is just using the twitter API.

If you use the twitter API you can do anything. Goodluck, working with API’s is…fun!!

Just dealt with similar for a similar web3 project actually.

Most of the Twitter API is restrictive and expensive now ($5k per month). The call you need is only on their top tier plan.

Zyla labs has a twitter api you can pass through and retrieve info much cheaper. You’ll just have them enter their twitter handle and you can retrieve whatever needed.

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