Integrating wasm | Writing rust code in bubble

Hey all,

I have an app I’d like to write a rust backend for. Essentially, I’ll be compiling the rust down to wasm and I’d like to be able to load in the wasm directly to be run in my bubble page.

I found this page on Mozilla, but I figured I’d come here and probe the community for your wisdom first.

Anyone here have experience:

  1. integrating a bubble app with outside software
  2. running wasm in a bubble app?

Anyone have experience with this?

wild guess here . Both the bubble build / deploy / runtime process and the bubble runtime organization for services are likely very different entities than one might expect coming from webkit/WASM build stack background.

if it were me, i’d spend some time eval the analogy in various bubble plugins wrappering standard implementations of recorder.js. For example, is there anything there re: ( buffers, streams, JIT ) that may apply to your req ( deploy, build run wasm component)???

If nothing turns up there , you might consider a clean API wrapper for your services . Then eval both the client side and server side features in bubble for consuming the services on your non-bubble host ( AWS in same region where ur bubble runs ).

For example, GETS can done client side with bubble’s feature for “going to a url” based on state changes .

In bubble , POSTS will require use of the API connector tool that available ( client-s, server-s ).

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