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I’m building Shop AutoEasy, an automotive shopping site that will provide online shoppers with a fully transparent shopping experience.

Initially, dealers will incorporate Shop AutoEasy into existing websites.

The pilot dealership is using as their website provider and will provide us with integration that allows us to run inside an iFrame.

Their will be additional integration required to access other features that currently available on the website including; access to Kelley Blue Book values, access to vehicle options and descriptions through AutoTrader, and other functionality. has asked that we provide source code to determine how the best approach integration. Having done some research, I don’t see a simple way to provide this.

I’d welcome any suggestions on how to best approach this.

I don’t think you’re going to be able to provide them source code, unfortunately. You might want to send a ticket to to verify, but I’d be shocked.

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Yeah, as @andrewgassen notes there’s no “source code” to share. However, your app does have an API (if Dealer needs to send data to your app) and you have the API Connector to request stuff from Dealer via any API they might have. Further, Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader have their own APIs and obviously access that Dealer has to that info is via the KBB and AT APIs.

So that’s how you’d do all that.

After providing the docs to Dealer, and letting them know you can access API and javascript, you could also tell them that its their site that is going into an iframe … (evil laugh)

Absolutely! Or, they can send us their source code and we’ll handle it on our end …(another evil laugh)

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