Integration with DOMO, willing to sponsor


I’m looking to sponsor a plugin to integrate with

There are a number of integrations already available, but none that can send Bubble data to domo. Domo is a tool we use in our enterprise for analyzing data. I’d like to be able to send data from select bubble databases to Domo so I can use Domo’s powerful reporting features.

Thanks for considering.

Did you have any luck? I am trying to configure the API Connector to work with the Domo API, but haven’t been able to successfully authenticate even though I can do it in postman.

I use the JSON No Code Connector in Domo to make it work.

BUbble limits the API to 50k results though unless you are on dedicated.

Thanks, that is to get data out of Domo correct? What if I want to use Domo data in a Bubble app?

So the solution I mentioned was to get data TO domo from bubble. Since Domo is the statistical analysis program that is typically what you do. If you are trying to use domo data in your bubble app, the ideal way would be to connect to the source data since there is likely already a connection that domo has to that data and going straight to the source would be better.

That said, to use domo data there is an API. I use the Query a data set api (DOMO Developer) along with the bubble API connector.

You do need to set up authentication to get the bearer token.

Then you query a specific dataset and build an SQL query.

Play around with the reply in postman for a bit though since the way DOMO returns the data in rows can be quite a bit confusing when building the bubble statement.

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Thanks so much. Is there a way to pass the bearer token from one step to the next dynamically with something like a global variable?

Set up your authentication API to be ‘data’, then you can use it in the Action API for the search. When you create the workflow in the page or backend. In this way calling the action API will intrinsically call the auth.

Alternatively, if you have to call the API a lot and don’t want to get the auth every time, you can set up a. Recurring backend workflow to run every x time (you can use the expiry time of the auth response), and each time it runs, save the token to a new data set’s first record (‘thing’ in bubble). Then every time you do the search API call you can use that records Token and only have to call the token once.

Another route is you can save the token in the page’s state on page load then add a workflow to ‘run every 5 seconds’, (Change the timing from 5 seconds’ to whatever the expiry seconds is), and then update the state.

Really depends on your use case