Integration with super rewards

Hello all!

I need some help with integrating Super Rewards ( to but it asks for me to add some php code to verify it:

Is there any way to achieve this in Bubble?

I dont know the service you’ve referred to but I have needed in the past to use .php. I was unable to find a solution natively in bubble so I wrote the necessary .php and hosted it on a server which supported .php. You can obviously use any number of hosted services… They start from about two of my English pounds.

Anyway, basically in bubble I added the API connector and then made a call to the.php and passed the necessary things data as a VAR…the php takes the VAR and then makes the call to which ever service as necessary and the subsequent JSON is returned where you can then consume the JSON response in Bubble. Well that’s what i did

But that won’t work with the requirements I need as it needs to have the php in the bubble page and respond in the bubble page for the verification to complete