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Integromat and Bubble

Hi :slight_smile:
I am trying to make a twitter bot using my data on Bubble and Integromat

It is working quite great except for one thing:

I am using data from a table that use the USER ( I mean the field type is a User), and it shows up in Integromat as the ID of this USER.

Instead, I would like to have the name link to that id

The result being “Hey welcome home 11453625cd23255e2xxx”

I would like it to show "Hey welcome home Jake"

Is there a known solution ? is my database wrongly created ?

Thanks and have a great day

Hi @melu,

Do you have an option to display the User’s name instead? If not, you can always do a search for that unique id and display the first item’s name.

Hi @johnny ,

Well I am not sure, it doesnt display on Integromat, I think it’s because the primary key in bubble is the id and not the Name itself.

I just added the name in the database, but the id shows up here

Ok I got it !

I was doing “search a thing” and it was working great
I was just missing the “get a data thing” , the one that connect the id to the name.

search the data > get the name > twitt !

thanks @johnny

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