[Integromat/Make] Google Sheet to Bubble - custom field type?

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for this great forum.
Got a pretty tricky question, to which I didn’t find answers.
I even asked ChatGPT but its 2021 limitations made his explanations unclear (Or I just didn’t manage to follow them :sweat_smile: )

I’m trying to setup a connexion between a Google Sheet and my Bubble app using Integromat/Make.

Each time a new row is added to the Google Sheet, I want a data thing to be created within my app’s database.
But the ‘Field types’ available in Integromat (see screenshot below - input in red is what I’m talking about) are really basic (text, number, etc.). But I want to be able to use some custom field types that are actually other data types of my bubble app. how could I do that?

That would be hugely useful…

Thanks a ton in advance!!

Not sure how data look, but you have mote flexibility using API/Backend wf instead of data API. In Make, use an https post yo Bubbke backend WF.

Thanks for your answer mate.
I’m not sure I’d need to use the HTTP POST as I just want my new data thing (the one coming from the Google Sheet) to include, in its fields, one of the existing [other data type of my bubble database]
Shouldn’t I use a GET instead?

Ideally i’d just pick the field type in the dropdown shown on the screenshot below…

Any help would be more than welcome, i really struggle with that one haha