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Intelligent LogIn/SignIn Popup

Hi again,

On our website homepage, there are several buttons that users can’t click on until they’re logged in. Therefore if a user clicks on a popup, let’s say popup A, that he isn’t supposed to click on until logged in, he sees a signup/login popup. However, after the user fills out this signup/login popup and logs on, he is left awkwardly staring at our app and must click on the popup A button once more to view the actual popup.

What I want to do is have popup A automatically display after the user fills out the signup/login popup (user clicks on popup A -> user fills out signup form -> popup A displays after successful signup). I attempted to solve this by setting the state of the signup popup (Set mode of signup popup to “A”; if the signup’s mode is “A” when the user clicks on the login button, then sign user in and display popup A.), however, this was giving me some odd errors.

Is there any obvious way to fix this? Thanks!

I think you’re on the right track. What’s the error that you’re getting?

You could also try passing a parameter to the page after login with the popup’s name or something like that. Then on page load read the parameter and display the appropriate popup.