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Inter-user communication via notification

Desperately seeking help!

I am having trouble implementing workflows for these features.

  1. A user searches for service providers based on a few parameters.
  2. The search results are displayed in a repeating group. (Up to this point is done)

My struggle begins here.
3. I want to let the User contacts candidates by clicking a button, which will send data of the User (what service he is seeking, location, etc) in the form of either notification or messaging.
4. Each recipient decides whether to respond or not. At the end, when a recipient responds by clicking ACCEPT button in his screen (notification or messaging), the User will receive them and choose one candidate and hire him by clicking HIRE button.

I’ve been looking for any relevant tutorials on YouTube, this Forum… all over the internet but all in vain.

Thank you.

I believe you are storing “Tasks” or “Services” in the database.
For every user in RG, have a Contact button. Clicking on which should open up a popup which consists of a form. User fills that form and clicks on send. If you already have all that data, just clicking on Contact button should be good.
Have a new “Notifications” datatype setup with all the data that need to be sent and “Sender” and “Receiver” fields. When the user clicks on Contact button of a particular customer, Create a new notification with all the required data and Sender=current user and receiver = current cells user.
Now in that particular candidates login, Have new Notifications page or floating group setup. In that page or floating group, Notifications RG with data source= Do a search for Notifications with Receiver=Current user. All the notifications will be displayed.
When a notification is clicked, take them to a newly created page, where they can see all the data related to the task, location etc. They will have Accept and Reject buttons there. If they click on Accept, do the same thing with creating notifications like you did earlier. But this time Sender and Receiver needs to be swapped.
Have a “Accepted proposals” datatype setup. When someone clicks on accept, Create a new Accepted proposals with project=task or service created by user,
Accepted by=current user.
Now in the user login, when they click on a Task or service, open a page with all the Accepted proposals, where they can click on Hire and that project will be marked “Hired”

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Hey Mahesh, Thanks a million for a detailed explanation. I am so grateful for your time and effort in helping me out. One extra dummy question: How can I attach the data parameters that were created in the original User job post? I created a new data type “Notification” and created 3 data fields “Sender”, “Recipient” and “Body”. If there are multiple parameters, how do I put them into the body?

Thanks, John

The body should be something static like “You got new applicant”. Aren’t you storing user job post details in the database somewhere else?
If yes, you can just add another field to “Notifications” as “Job post” which is of type “Job post” datatype and include current content job post in that. That’ll link job post and notification.

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Mahesh, Thanks for help again. I will try and ask you again if I still have trouble.

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You marked your response as “Solution” instead of mine :sweat_smile:

:rofl: Now corrected. Sorry~~

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