Interaction between a Table and a SVG-Graphic?

I’ve tested Webflow, Wappler, Wordpress Elementor and now I’m testing Bubble :slight_smile:

I need interactions between a table and a svg-graphic.
See example here (go to Angebot):

Hovering a table-entry has to highlight its equivalent in the svg-graphic on the left.
I can do this by manipulating the dom with Javascript.

Can I do that with bubble as well?
Or are there any limits for custom code?

I also need 3 dropdown-menues, with predefined values to filter the table.
Is that possible in bubble as well?

Kind regards

Hi alain,

did you or anyone else managed to do that?
I was also wondering if this is possible.

SVG could be displayed as an HTML element with dynamic content, so I’m pretty sure it’s possible.


If you’ve tried and failed, please describe the problem :slight_smile: