Interactive forms with calculations

Hi, I am not at the point of doing this yet but I will need to send out forms (or links to) to customers with calculations. So for example:

This quote = £5000

Could I interest you in this extra product = £100 [drop down menu yes/no}

Total = £5000 or £5100 [dependant on drop down menu state]

I don’t mind if this is a form sent out and I get the date back automatically, or if its a link to my app. Either way the customer who makes the choice and hits accept needs to be able to do it without any log in or having to manually return something to me (trying to reduce steps to make it easy for the customer to accept a quote).

I would also like to have an area where the customer can see all quotes, invoices (paid and unpaid) warranties etc.

Like I say, not quite there yet but I am mapping out the whole app and want to see if its do-able.

Thanks All

What are you asking?

@adamholnes is it doable? :man_shrugging:

Is it possible to send a form to a customer for them to fill in that has simple calculations on it that will calculate as the customer interacts with the form.

Such as a quote/estimate with optional extras a customer can choose & see the new total with the cost of those extras added (because its calculated it immediately) and accept the quote once they are happy with their choices.

All with no login required by the customer and without them needing to email the form back to me (or the email is done automatically when they press the accept button)

Will I be able to do this, with bubble.

Yes (what you’re trying to do sounds extremely simple).

Although, for security reasons, I wouldn’t recommend doing it without a login (especially showing personal data like invoices etc.)