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Interactive Iphone / Smartphone Mockup Service

Hi guys,

since some of you guys also seem to to know a lot about marketing too:

Which service should I use for (easy) creation of interactive mockups (inside a phone and/or maybe laptop) like this one:


I’ve used inVision, Flinto, Mockingbird, Balsamiq, Axure, Neonto, Dropsource, and a few others. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

Are you trying to build something a human can interact with? Are you trying to build a video clip (or gif) like the one you shared? Nowadays, I avoid the mockup step because you can actually do your design work as part of your actual development workflow in Bubble and Dropsource.

I agree with @potentialthings, you could just “mock up” your pages with images/shapes etc in bubble and link through to each page from buttons or the images themselves to give the illusion of function

Hi Guys thank you both!

I will check out the services you mentioned.

I basically just need a gif of my (existing) bubble app and want to put that into an image (frame). My goal is to make a Facebook Ad.