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Interactive map possibility

Hello Bubblers,

I was looking around to find some information about the possibilities with interactive maps. I could not find anything usefull about this, so i am still wondering if the following is possible:

Just a map that has a sort of watermark of squares all over the map. Each square represent a land that you can click on and “buy”. The problem is, you can use google maps, but is something like the watermark of squares possible on the Google maps?

Please have a look on the following images:

Here you see the square watermarks better:


Hope it’s clear,


You could make a grid with a repeating group and put that over a map. But the map would be static.
If you need the grid to be interactive and move / zoom with the map, that’s a whole different ball game. Check out the existing map plugins. There’s quite a few. You’ll definitely need map and zoom control options and data.

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