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Interactive User Experience & Design Question: Can Bubble Do This?

I’m extremely fascinated by the possibilities of your value proposition but I’m wondering about my ability to execute my vision using your platform.

I’m an entrepreneur, user experience designer, and product manager, and I spend countless hours worrying about being able to design a robust online experience without knowing how to code, finding an equally passionate co-founder or having tens of thousands to pour into hiring a developer.

I have a few questions about Bubble that I’m hoping this community of fellow entrepreneurs and creators can help me with.

Here’s my product vision in a quick and dirty nutshell:
This is an interactive online family history hub that will encourage sharing, learning, and love across generations.

I want a question to pop up in my user’s feed every day for them to record themselves (or their kids) asking and then have that video question sent to a loved one who has been invited to the platform. I want the questions to appear as an overlay on their camera so they can read it and record themselves asking the question. When they are satisfied with what they’ve recorded, the video gets attached to the question in the database (on a virtual personal history timeline) and then sent to their loved one, where a notification pops up to let them know a new question has been asked. They would play the video question and then have the opportunity to record their video answer in context and “pasted” to the question video. When they’re satisfied, the video gets saved as a new combined object (video question and answer seamlessly edited together) in the timeline with that original question in the database marked as completed. A new question would then be loaded into the send queue for the next day, and so on. Over time, more family members could join the fray, sharing in the exploration of one another’s life experiences and taking pride in their shared history.

So here’s what I’m wondering…
• To what degree can I execute the vision of my product visually? If I design it in Sketch and iterate on my product design through research and usability testing, will I be able to then deliver the product as I imagine it using the tools on Bubble? From the few product examples I’ve seen thus far I’m left wondering if design is dictated by a fairly limited UI capability at this stage.

• Will I be able to create unique interactions that compliment the UX flow? (Transparent overlays, countdown timers on screen, other custom feature development, etc)

• Can I create a platform that enables multiple users to contribute content to others’ accounts via permissions and privacy settings? (A sister and brother interview their grandmother about her life and the answers get “tied” to her timeline. In time, their kids would be able to do the same of them, and so on)

I certainly have many more questions but wanted some advice as I seek to vet this platform before investing my time and energy digging too much deeper into Bubble. I want to know if I can accomplish my product goals and if some aspect is not available directly, is there a community marketplace or feature request I can pay for that would help me maintain the product autonomy I want, while still delivering a delightful and unique video messaging experience I’ve summarized here?

I realize I’m asking a complex question of product development, but considering the investment of time I have already poured into this, I appreciate any help this community can give me towards validating or invalidating Bubble as a tool for my execution and scale moving forward towards delivering this product with an excellent UX.

A million thanks in advance for your consideration!

I’m just glancing at this right now, but i think the only issue you’re going to run into is overlaying text onto video automatically.
Everything else seems pretty basic.


Appreciate the quick response, Ben. Thanks.

As to the design, is everything on the table in terms of styling elements?

UI wise? Probably. Bubble is a drag and drop editor, so it can do mostly anything. If you want to upload your mockups, I can give you a better answer.

Nice idea.

You can overlay text over the top of Ziggeo video input.

The whole user account/privacy set up is entirely possible and many people have done it.

It might be interesting trying to do “video question and answer seamlessly edited together”.

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Ben, what’s your answer for uploading mock ups? I have some mock ups from a UI designer I want to use. TIA