Intercom Complete API + Chat

Pushed created_at attribute on User Chat and Company Chat :+1:

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Thanks @nocodeventure ! Just seeing this now, but adding this in. Big help!

I have one more request for you - is it possible to add the ‘search for contact’ API? Single field would likely be sufficient.

Related, is it possible for the ‘user chat’ response to be used in the API itself? I’d like to be able to save the intercom ID in my DB so I can later modify them.

I believe you can use the query api to search for contacts but I’ll also look into this one you mentioned.

Re the user chat, not sure what you mean

Thanks! Let me know what you find, much appreciated.

In terms of the user chat/ID, I am asking the following:

  • When I trigger ‘user company chat’, it creates a new contact on Intercom if it is their first time on my app (otherwise, it identifies them as an existing user).
  • Intercom assigns them an ID that it uses internally.
  • I also pass in a unique ID, but that is not the same as the Intercom ID
  • Is it possible to capture this Intercom ID somehow?

The reason I want this is so I can then later modify or delete that contact from Intercom. If you notice the delete contact API call takes in the intercom ID as the only parameter; as of now, I don’t know how to access that ID from my app.

The search api is already on the plugin: Search Query. Re your second question, I believe that’s the reason for implementing the Search as the company chat script is a client-side script, so essentially doesn’t return any values to your app.

You can search for the customer using the unique ID you assigned. The field you assigned is called external_id

@nocodeventure is it possible to select which pages you want the intercom widget to appear or do you have any guidance on some HTML/CSS to add to a certain page where you don’t want it to appear?

@equibodyapp The plugin is built to be executed with workflows, allowing you to control which page it appears on. You can also change the position and more.

Do let me know if that helps, appreciate you purchasing a license :+1:

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With the “Intercom - User chat” - when I try to do authenticated chat I see this message.

Intercom Messenger error: Missing user_hash. A valid user_hash is required to authenticate users when Identity Verification is enabled. For more details, see

Can you help me understand what I need to do in the plugin to get Intercom’s Identify Verification working? (publically open chat works fine)

I suggest not to use identity verification as the plugin does not support this. Instead, use bubble to verify a user by logging them in before using the User chat.

There is also the demo page of which you can have a look at the configuration.

Hi there - is it possible to add a field for custom JSON to be added for the ‘initiate chat’ flows? Intercom accepts custom fields, and we want to use these heavily, but right now there’s no way in the plugin to pass in custom fields.

Think this is possible, will look into this and get back to you :+1:

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Thanks! I just noticed the ‘company/contact - custom attribute’ action type - this seems similar, so maybe you have already covered it?

Intercom - Custom Script is also available indeed. I’ll message you privately to continue the conversation :smiley:

Update for the plugin

  • List all Companies
  • List all data attributes
  • List all Contacts

Hey there, loving the plugin. Has made life a lot easier with getting the basics setup but I am running into some issues when trying to use the ‘Attach contact to company’ call.

It returns a 404 saying the company is not found but my call to create the company has worked.

After doing some digging apparently Intercom makes companies with 0 contacts inaccessible which is a real catch 22.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. Let me send you a private message so we can look into this.

Best regards,

Hey There, I am having an issue with the 'Intercom API - Contact - Custom Attribute" action. It keeps returning a 400 error but all of the data input is correct.

Is there a known issue with this?

Sent you a private message.