Interesting Query Behavior

I have a table that contains data I’ve entered. The table is called Product. There is a field CustomOwner that when subscribers enter custom items into the Product table their username (email) is entered into custom items. I have a page that shows all items in the Product table where CustomOwner is empty. That means I should get all records I entered without a CustomOwner entry…and zero of the records subscribers have entered. But that’s not the case…I’m getting user data showing up and I’m stumped.

This is the field in the Product table:

When the button All Products is clicked it runs the workflow “database”

Then the database workflow does a search for products where CustomOwner is empty.

“Workflow thing” is not a name, like a string… Workflow thing is literally a Thing to operate over. It’s a variable passed to the custom event (which is just a workflow, right?).

And, in your custom event, you are just passing a static string value (a text) that is the word “database”. This has no meaning unless you desire it to. You would have to examine this workflow’s thing and do something with it. And, in fact, you are NOT LOOKING at “this event’s thing” in your actions.

So, there’s nothing surprising here.

(What you’re doing here is completely valid. You don’t HAVE to look at the workflow’s Thing. In fact, I will often do this in custom events just to remind myself later that I could have passed some object. But the workflow itself doesn’t have to examine/use that value. It can just be a dummy… a cipher.)

Keith - all in all the issue I have is that the search query is looking for items in my table where the field “CustomOwner” is empty…but returning items where there is an entry in the “CustomOwner” field. Doesn’t seem right. It should return every item in the table where the “Custom Owner” field is empty…

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