Intermittent CORS errors using Xano Connector


Dunno if anyone else is having any issues with the Xano Connector recently?

I’m getting the CORS error below intermittently, not always for the same endpoint,

“No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”

It’s totally random when it occurs, but it occurs frequently. I’ve tried changing all of the settings in CORS Management in Xano but nothing works (the Default settings seem to cause me the least problems). It also only just seems to have started happening in the last week or so.

As the Xano Connector is making the API calls directly from the client, is it missing a header for Access-Control-Allow-Origin?

Xano support can’t get to the bottom of it, they’re effectively blaming the plug-in as there’s no issues through the API Connector or Postman etc,

Just wondering if anyone’s had similar experiences lately and/or managed to get around it?


I noticed this in inspect element. I am just getting familiar with this plugin but what I found was when you are using the Xano Query stuff, in the examples they say just put the /user etc in it.

You actually need to put the thing before that also… so it would be for example


As far as I know that XXXXX is the same for each of your requests or maybe I am setting it up wrong. No Idea if this changed recently or not but from what I have found, this is solving the issue for me. Before I saw CORS and 405 errors now I don’t.

A quick update on this if it helps anyone. Essentially Xano has a rate-limit of calling APIs of 10 calls every 20 seconds. If you exceed that, you get errors. Fine, that’s all covered in the docs and pricing information. What isn’t covered in the information is that it also limits the number of sequential calls you make. So if you need to run 3 or 4 API calls in sequence to get different types of information back from Xano or if the app runs too many calls too quickly then it also doesn’t like, even if you’re well within the 10 per 20 limit.

The ONLY way around this is to go on a paid plan which means shelling out $99 per month or over $1,000 for the year.

Anyways, just in case any one’s interested, the free plan on Xano works great if you’re playing around or building something small but the minute you start building something serious for-real then you’re gonna have to start paying. How that affects you is up to you but it’s important to know, I didn’t know this up-front and I’ve just wasted a great deal of time before Xano support finally admitted it to me.