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So my app has two types of users. (1) clients that only need access to a couple of pages and (2) internal users who will have access to the full app including the client-only pages. I’ve created a field in my Users type called “Client” and “Internal”. What I’m trying to achieve is that when a user logs in but is of type “Internal”, they’re taken to the internal operations pages of my app. When a user logs in but is of type “Client”, they’re taken to the client-only pages.

I’m setting my Workflow expression to be something like this.

However when I ran this step-by-step I noticed that the ‘Search for Users’ was not retrieving any values, and hence it couldn’t match to check that they were of type “Internal”. After a lot of tinkering around, I thought that the privacy rules may have something to do with this. My instinct is that, Bubble will not allow the ‘fetching’ of User’s emails in a workflow where the user is trying to log in, i.e. isn’t logged in yet.

I went in and changed the privacy settings to something like this.

Surprisingly this worked. Enabling ‘Everyone else’ to Find Users, their emails, and their types, successfully returned a “Search for…” match from my earlier expression and redirected the internal user to the right page.

I’m a little fuzzy on privacy settings and not sure if this is a good approach. I’ve heard that you should set privacy rules because even if you don’t allow access to pages and such on the front-end, someone with programming knowledge can still access the app (I don’t know how that works) and so instinct tells me that checking the ‘Find in Searches’ , ‘Type’ and ‘email’ fields is not a good idea, but I don’t know for sure, and also if it isn’t safe, then why not.

Any advice on how else I should approach what I’m trying to achieve. Also, any explanation of what the privacy rules are actually doing (or not doing when checked) would be very helpful.


I don’t find any issues with the privacy rules in the image that you shared. You’re only allowing email and the role to be accessible to all users. Nothing else.

One thing that you can improve however is put the Email=Input email’s value as a constraint (below the Type=Internal constraint).

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